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16 July 2010 @ 09:57 pm
Ok, so it's been 4 months since my last update. I am still alive. Just not checking this thing very much and updating it even less.

I keep saying that I need to update more, but I never seem to. Life is just puttering along like usual. I'm a semester away form an AS degree from Quad C and I got an epic haircut.

Due to said haircut, I will no longer be cosplaying Tseng of the Turks. Instead...I will be cosplaying Reno! I'm also set up on Facebook too, where I've been posting a lot of stuff. Amber Does Dallas is still going really well and a lot of stuff is posted there.

For those attending AnimeFEST! in Dallas this year and not in TMCC, shoot me a message and we can meet up! I'll have several cosplays with me including but not limited to:

Soma Cruz (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow)
Persian Genjinka (Pokemon) (Maybe)
Reno (Final Fantasy 7)
Joey Wheeler/Jounouchi Katsuya (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Red Mage (Final Fantsy)
Milly Thomspon (Trigun) (Maybe)
Hilde Schbeiker (Gundam Wing) (maybe)

The maybes are ones I'm not sure that I'll have done in time. I hope to get them done, but Time and money will tell.

On another note, my grandmother's going to be gone on my birthday. She's leaving for a cruise on September 12 with one of her friends and she'll be gone the entire week. My birthday's the 16th. I hope that I'll have something to do beside sit at home alone.

Also, I'm going to be participating in Extra Life this year and I'll post a bit more information on that when I have the time. I need to go to sleeps now, for I have to be at work at 5:30 AM.

24 March 2010 @ 12:40 pm
Life goes on and on. Nothing much has changed, things just keep on going and going. My hours have gone up at work and I've been enjoying spending time with Z and Moogle. We've been working on things for our Repo! The Genetic Opera Shadowcast.

We've gone from doing one show a month to two shows, and this month it just happens to be three shows. Last week was a special show, since last Friday was the day that Repo Men came out in theatres. We had a good crowd and got to see bonus footage. It was win. This weeks show is Pop Culture themed. Rotti Largo is going to be Emperor Palpatine and his henchwomen (This week it's me and Moogle) are going to be dark Jedi. I just have to finish hemming my robes and make a belt. It won't take that long to finish up.

Sunday is the Drag show auditions, I can't wait. That show is going to be so much fun. Menterns...a boy Shiloh...a female Rotti. All that good stuff. 8D

In regards to other things, hate to lose you as a friend Star, but if you want nothing to do with me, fine. We don't have to interact, but I'm not going to drop XI just because you're there. I don't know what in the fuck I did to you, but since you're not offering up anything or even telling me why you're pissed off at me? Well then fine. I've tried to be nice to you and you've done nothing but be a bitch. We will continue to post on the TMCC forums because most of the cast members are from TMCC and gasp and shock, some other members not in cast actually come to the shows! Our shows don't run late either. Have you ever gone to a Rocky Horror shadowcast show? Well they don't start on time either. They have things that they do before their show. They have their own brand of pre-show and so do we.

Get over it, I'm not going to stop doing what I've been doing and I'm going to have fun with my fellow Shadowcast members and we're going to continue to preform.

I'm done rambling and ranting now. It's lunch time and I'm hungry. Thank goodness tomorrow is payday.
04 February 2010 @ 02:50 pm
Jeebus. I really really need to kick myself in the butt and update more often. Not a whole lot goes on, but I do have some lolz and such to share. Not a lot has happened since December, except for the fact that I joined Amber Does Dallas, the D/FW Shadowcast for Repo! The Genetic Opera.

If you haven't seen it. DO SO. IT IS A GOOD MOVIE.

I just play the part of Rotti Largo's henchwoman/bodyguard right now, but I look pretty badass. |3


Some of the Repo! Shadowcast members are also members of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast and it was Beau's last show. He was cast as Rocky this time so I decided to go with my friend Zander. Zander and his wife, Moogle are two of my best friends. I spend a lot of time hanging out with them since they live close by. (This should tell you something, when they moved and rebuilt their computer desk for both of their computers...they left space for my laptop.)

Moogle calls me Z's clone, since we act a LOT alike. It's almost creepy. ANYWAY! I take him to go see Rocky with me this past Saturday night (Moogle had to work that night and couldn't go with us) and we're standing in line, he's in his full Riddler gear, at the request of Beau. I'm just in my normal clothes, a t-shirt, jeans and my hat when the woman playing Janet comes out, looks at me, looks at him and proceeds to hand me a bouquet of fake flowers.

Me and Z had been roped into getting married at the start of the show. We were going to be Ralph and Betty. We both WTF'd, since we hadn't been asked, just told. Kind of amusing since Beau had his head between ours as we were waiting to walk across the stage and said "I'm telling your wife." to Z. My response: "She already knows." Z had texted her before the show.

And then we had rehersal the next day and it was rather amusing. Apparently I'm the 'more masculine' clone of the two of us. It doesn't hurt that Z's hair is longer than mine is. We're always calling him "such a pretty girl" and getting glared at. |3

In other news:

I've dropped projectverde. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I am however over at ultimania_dr with a ton of different characters. That Final Fantasy/KH DR is Fun and the muns are...enablers. Which is why I have all the journals that I do over there.

I also picked up Riza at cityofsolace. So far things seem nice there. Need to work on apps for gauntlet_rpg for when it opens. |3 I've been pimping out Guantlet to anyone who will listen. I had a ton of fun at Crucible and this looks like it'll be epic as well!

I also need to work on my quests in Outland...and finish all these games I have here at home. X.X *picks up PSP and Crisis Core*
16 December 2009 @ 02:20 pm

Damn it damn it damn it!

I got a call not long ago, about a half hour actually, from my mother. My sister's gone and done something stupid and gotten kicked out of the house...AGAIN.

Shit. I don't know what is going to happen. I can't get in touch with her and neither can my grandmother. I've got Anthony trying to call her too, but I don't know if that's going to work either.

Fuck. I don't know what's going to happen.

Will edit later when I know more.
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13 December 2009 @ 11:20 pm

I'm happy! I just got back from my work's Christmas party and it was fun. I got there late, but still, got to nom on good food. There was also a dessert competition and I brought in a Chocolate and Strawberry Trifle, which is layers of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. So very nommy.

I won. Got a PAID DAY OFF!!!! Epic win. Score. I didn't get the Wii, but I got the next best thing. A paid day off is going to be put towards the 9 days that I asked off for the cruise to the Bahamas I'm going on on January 2nd.

:D I'm happy! Yay!
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30 November 2009 @ 11:49 pm
Derp. I haven't updated this in ages. I should update more often, but then again, I have a habit of not doing that every time I say it. x.x

Anyway, life is puttering on, the semester is almost over and finals week is next week. I'm going to fail Trig, but there is another math class that I can take to get my AS degree. I'm just so close to it, I don't want to quit now. I'll be the first in my family to get any sort of degree. I just have to keep with it.

Whee. I'm also close to getting my Death Knight on Wow. Just a couple more levels and I'll be able to do it. My little problem is the friends who usually help me out aren't on a whole lot and one has no net and the second has no interwebz right now.

Anyway...onto other things.

I'm going to be a Henchwomen in the December 11th performance of Repo! The Genetic Opera presented by Amber Does Dallas. For my friends who are in the area and not a part of this as well....GO TO IT~ You will looooove it.

Going to be heading to bed soon, I have the early shift tomorrow and then going over to Z and Moogle's to try on the Henchwoman costume and see what needs to be modded and what I have to get for the show on the 11th.

I also find it amusing that the 11th is the show, the 12th is the TMCC meeting, and the 13th...my work Christmas Party at Whirlyballs. Not really sure what's going to happen then, but I will bake a dessert for the dessert competition.

Anyway, puttering off.
04 September 2009 @ 11:57 am
Whee. Tis Friday, it's Labor Day weekend, which means that it's AnimeFEST! Time here in Dallas. I love it. Sad thing is?

I'm sitting in my Government class and I have one last class to go after this. Anyway...things have been pretty normal so far.

The semester started a couple of weeks ago (August 24) and things are ok for now. Trig doesn't seem that hard, but I really need to start kicking myself in the ass to get my homework done and pay more attention in class.

My first class of the day is my Self Defense class, where we're learning Wado Ryu Karate. It's hard work and I'm sore from the class, but it's going to help me out a lot in the long run. Trig is next followed by an hour break for me to get something to eat and then it's Government and then Stagecraft 1. My classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from about 9-2 PM, and on Friday Stagecraft ends at 4.

In other news...

Cut for bigfontCollapse )
15 March 2009 @ 08:43 pm
Ugh. Bored. x.x *dies* Anyway~ For those who couldn't guess my OTP Meme, here are the answers for what weren't guessed:

2. A snake and an eel, determined to make money. - Ginji Amano/Ban Mido (Getbackers)
4. Compromising or compromised, no one knows about them. - Jiro Mochizuki/Mimiko Katsuragi (Black Blood Brothers)
7. She persists even under the threat of death. - Relena Darlain/Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing)
8. They knew each other several lifetimes ago. - Son Goku/Genjo Sanzo (Saiyuki)
9. A prince and princess, living in two different worlds. - Mimori Kiryu/Ryuho (sCRYed)
10. A genius hiding in the shadows and a reporter, both students. Ayumu/Hyono (Spiral)
1. She's no pet, but can't beat him in a fight. - Zoe J Kimblee/Edward Elric (Pride) (Econtra)
2. Cyborg and pervert pilot, still together after almost dying. - Jim Hawking/Gene Starwind (AU) (Econtra)
3. A black-winged angel and a demon of fire and ice fighting for pride. - Sephiroth/Hiei (Toshima)
6. She's amazed that arms so strong can be so gentel. Bakura Ryoko/Son Gohan (Started at Econtra)

And now for another meme.

Neko for Firaga.Collapse )
12 March 2009 @ 10:35 pm
Another meme! Yanked from divinewhite and elemental_shark.

► Pick up to 15 OTPs.
► Describe them in less than (or equal to) 15 words.
► Have your flist guess the OTP.
► ????

1. It all started over tea and murder. - Count D/Leon Orcot (Pet Shop of Horrors) - badinerie
2. A snake and an eel, determined to make money.
3. Darkness and a Virgin knight, master and servent, bound by name and blood. - Alucard/Integra (Hellsing) - badinerie
4. Compromising or compromised, no one knows about them.
5. No one is sure just who can eat more, him or her. - Lina Inverse/Gourry Gabriev (Slayers) - elemental_shark & megasquip
6. He can't escape from her watchful eyes. - Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye (FullMetal Alchemist) - matsachi
7. She persists even under the threat of death.
8. They knew each other several lifetimes ago.
9. A prince and princess, living in two different worlds.
10. A genius hiding in the shadows and a reporter, both students.
11. He finds her in a suitcase, and they travel together looking for answers. - Gene Starwind/Melfina (Outlaw Star) - badinerie



1. She's no pet, but can't beat him in a fight.
2. Cyborg and pervert pilot, still together after almost dying.
3. A black-winged angel and a demon of fire and ice fighting for pride.
4. She doesn't like it when he breaks her things. AU!Sakuraba Neka/AU!Sho Minamimoto (Econtra) - divinewhite
5. She's no longer his, but he still thinks so. Post-Game Girl!Neku/Joshua - divinewhite
6. She's amazed that arms so strong can be so gentel.
11 December 2008 @ 09:47 pm
Ugh. I'm going to hurt a coworker of mine. This guy hasn't been here for very long and complains about a six hour work day. I work any where between six and eleven hours a day when I go in. Granted I've been there for over a year now, but still.

What really got me was today. I'm allowed to wear a long sleeved white t-shirt underneith my uniform shirt when it's cold outside. It's cold. Thus, today I wore my long sleeves. But this afternoon, I was helping out, bagging in drive thru during our slow time and I have the food for an order bagged, but the shake wasn't made.

I tell the guys that I'm burning up and that I'll be back once I do a quick change. They don't hear me. I'm walking out to the bathroom to go pull one shirt off and this idiot yells at me going "Hey, where's the shake?!" Of course the way he says it just pisses me off, but I deal with it.

My response to him: Make it yourself!

I then proceed to continue to the bathroom, and once out in the dining room I hear these words from him. "Is she retarded?"

I have to hold myself back from going over there and slapping him. I really do. I go change my shirt and when I get back, I tell a manager what was said. I wasn't the only one who heard this guy say it.

Next time he pulls shit like that I will hit him. I don't care if I get in trouble for it.